Guest house
The history of the HouseThe first documented mention of the house was in 1472, where it is noted as being a salt manufacturing house. The salt traders were Hallstatt locals who had been given the rights by the Kaiser to sell salt.

Those days the salt would be stored in the cellars in wooden salt containers and finally transported on flat wooden boats similar to those seen today on the lake. The cargo boats would transport the white gold from the Hallstatt mountain to the black sea along the Traun and the Danube.

In 1504 Emperor Maximilian 1st known as the last Knight, gave the house the rights to brew and serve beer.
The water guaranteed by the preparations an excellent, strong beer that would be served in large mugs.
In 1917 all copper in the country was confiscated for the war along with all the brewery utensils and melted down and the three big brewing pots.

Food would always be served along with the beer to the Salt miners which were the start of good things to come, the restaurant became popular to the summer guests and lead up to the great reputation it has today.
400 years after the rights had been granted the name was changed from the Market Brewery to the Bräugasthof or brewery and guest house.
For the past 150 years the restaurant has remained in the hands of the Höplinger Lobisser family.

Verena and Arnold senior have turned the hotel into a treasure trove and the restaurant is meanwhile been run by Verena Lobisser junior their daughter.

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